Nursing home survey produces a five-star result
June 18, 2018
By Bill Wilson
The Anniston Star

Cleburne County Nursing Home administrator Tony Culberson concedes he was a little apprehensive about receiving the results of a survey conducted Thursday of last week by the Alabama Department of Public Health.

After all, there had been some changes in documentation and more stringent requirements in other areas. Moreover, when the surveyor gave Culberson the results, that person began by telling him how to initiate an appeals process.

But there was no reason to worry: For the second year in a row, the nursing home earned a five-star rating in its annual recertification process.

“We got a deficiency-free survey that means we maintain our five-star rating,” Culberson said.

“This particular survey was special to me because of all the regulatory changes. So the surveyors came in looking at different things, and more stringent than in the past as far as documentation and other issues to support these changes,” Culberson said.

This year’s excellent rating contrasts sharply to that of four years ago, when the nursing home had only a two-star ranking and problems that brought a fine of $144,000 from the Alabama Department of Public Health.

Culberson was nervous when the surveyors finished their work this year and told him who the quality assurance person is for the state if he disagreed with the survey.

Culberson said the surveyors said, “but you are deficiency free.”

“So normally I keep my composure pretty well, but I was touched very much, so it was hard to control your emotions when you’ve reached such a goal which you and your staff worked so hard to achieve,” Culberson said.

Culberson said it was a “full team effort.”

Culberson credited the hospital board, the county commissioners who appointed the board, the housekeepers, the certified nursing assistants and the charge nurses.

Culberson said the nursing home continues to improve. On Monday huge bundles of shingles were seen surrounding the facility waiting for workers to install a new roof.

Culberson said once the roof is done the nursing home will get a new parking lot with lighting.

A new Alzheimer's unit opened in the last year and Culberson is going to equip the cordoned-off unit with headphones for patients to listen to specific songs they will remember.

“When you see a patient that’s in late-stage Alzheimer’s grinning and or rocking with the music, you feel like you’ve really accomplished the goal,” Culberson said.

Culberson said the kitchen has been recently enhanced which has elicited very positive comments from both residents and staff.