FFA holds ‘farm day’ for Cleburne County fourth-graders
May 12, 2017

By Bill Wilson
The Anniston Star

The Future Farmers of America chapter at Cleburne County held their annual Farm Day in Heflin on Friday.  

Student organizer Zach Griffith, president of the FFA, invited fourth-grade students from every school in Cleburne County to participate in a day of learning, exploring and fun.

Griffith was instrumental in making all the phone calls to make sure this year’s Farm Day was a success, said Clint Payne, Agriculture teacher at Cleburne County High School.

“We could not have done it without Farmer’s Federation down there, they are the ones that funded this,” Griffith said. Griffith is a junior at Cleburne County High and went to Farm Day when he was in the  fourth-grade as well.

The fourth-graders learned about wildlife, agriculture and soil and water conservation. The students got to interact and hold many types of animals.  The favorite among the students was a bull watusi, a breed native of Africa and known for their large horns.

“He’s the cattle of kings is what they call them in Africa. Only royalty were allowed to own them. They have horns like a radiator, they pump their blood through them to cool themselves,” said Daniel Hall.  

Hall, who runs a petting zoo, had other animals for the students to interact with including a snake, a kangaroo and ducks.

“The bull is really big with huge horns the size of a wall,” said fourth-grader Kaden Pritchett.

Debby Mathews, Cleburne County Extension coordinator, was overjoyed with what she was seeing on Friday.

“Seeing those kids connect, you can see the connections in their eyes and you can see them light up when they see something that maybe they’ve just seen in a textbook,” Mathews said.

“They can see and touch this, videos are wonderful but this is real,” added Mathews.

CCHS students assisted and helped with Farm Day and they too were having a good time.

“We are all just here, we are having a good day, enjoying some nature, it’s lit, L-I-T,” said CCHS freshman Caroline Lee.