From Cleburne County Lines Elections 2012

As of 2012, voters in Cleburne County have the option to choose where they cast their vote on Election Day. Most districts, or precincts, in the county have two or more polling places. In past elections, voters were assigned to polling places based on their physical address.
“We saw an opportunity to make it more convenient for residents to vote,” said Ryan Robertson,
Probate Judge and County Commission Chairman. “The commission pressed federal and state agencies to approve the plan.”
Commissioners recognized most residents travel outside their community almost daily, for example, to work, school and other activities. The nearest polling place to a voter’s home may not be convenient for their daily routine. As an example, a voter who lives in District 4 near Vise Grove Church may have been assigned to vote at Micaville Volunteer Fire Department which is near the border of Cleburne and Randolph counties. If the voter travels northeast or northwest for work, it might be beneficial and time-saving to use one of the other polling places in District 4.
To change your polling place, visit the Board of Registrars office in the county courthouse. You must request the change in person at least 10 days before an election. Your new polling place must be located in the district where you live. When you request the change in polling places, your name will be removed from the registry for your previous polling place and added to the registry for your new location.
When you arrive at the polling place on election day, a poll worker will check the registry for your name. You must present your identification before you will be allowed to vote. Requiring identification and maintaining a registry are two methods used to prevent someone from voting at more than one polling place. If you do not have identification or your name is not on the registry, you may vote using a provisional ballot.
See the District Map for a list of polling places within each district.