To ensure prompt emergency service for the citizens of Cleburne County, Cleburne    County 911 strives to provide effective public safety services through the appropriate dispatch of fire, police, medical, and rescue units with the least possible delay.

Cleburne County 911 was founded on highly trained and capable Communications Officers, who will maintain professional standards, through continued education, cost effectiveness and cooperation with surrounding public safety agencies.

Cleburne County 911 employees will adhere to the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and morality in every action between and with the citizens we serve, and fellow co-workers.



To provide the highest level of emergency communications service possible by:
  • Hiring and retaining qualified staff and providing the best possible training
  • Answering each 911 call promptly as possible
  • Providing appropriate pre-arrival instructions
  • Utilizing the most technologically advanced systems possible and affordable
  • To achieve 100% efficiency of 911 for emergency calls through public education