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Cleburne County E-911
Cleburne Co. Mountain Center
6751 Highway 78
Heflin, Alabama 36264
Non-Emergency Phone: 256.463.3820

Crystal Cavender, Director

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Calling 911:  A Race Against Time

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How To Use E-911

The 911 emergency telephone system is in place to assist citizens with POLICE, MEDICAL or FIRE emergencies. It should be realized that non-emergency calls to the 911 system can create delays in handling other very serious emergencies that require immediate attention. The following are guidelines for the proper use of the 911 system for POLICE, FIRE and MEDICAL emergencies.
Examples of NON-EMERGENCY situations are:
  • MINOR illness or injury not requiring immediate help
  • Flu/common cold
  • Chronic (ongoing) aches and pain
  • Minor cuts
  • Broken fingers or toes
  • Emotional upsets
  • Routine transportation to medical offices, clinics and hospitals
Remember, these are general guidelines. If there is any doubt, do not hesitate to call Cleburne County Emergency Medical Services at 256.463.2494.
  • Breathing difficulty/shortness of breath/breathing has stopped.
  • Choking (can't talk or breathe)
  • Constant chest pain - in adults (lasting longer than two minutes)
  • Uncontrollable bleeding/large blood loss
  • Drowning
  • Electrocution
  • Drug overdose/poisoning
  • Gunshot wounds/stabbings
  • Vomiting blood
  • Sudden fainting/unconsciousness
  • Convulsions/seizures (uncontrolled jerking, movements) The patient may fall to the floor.
  • Severe allergic reaction (difficulty breathing/unresponsive)
  • Major burns (white or charred skin/blisters and redness over large area).
  • Someone who will not wake up, even when you shake them
Severe injuries from:
  • Traffic accidents
  • Head Injury
  • Significant falls
  • Physical entrapment (car accident with victim trapped in the vehicle)


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