Cleburne County is subject to major emergencies and disasters that can pose a significant threat to public safety and/or health, and lead to physical damage. The general types of such events are natural disasters, technological hazards, human-caused, and terrorist attacks.

This plan employs an all-hazards approach and:
  • coordinates operations among organizations and individuals to implement specific actions when a disaster occurs that exceeds the capability of any one agency; e.g., the fire department;
  • sets forth lines of authority and organizational relationships and shows how actions are to be coordinated;
  • describes how people and property will be protected in emergencies and disasters;
  • identifies personnel, equipment, facilities, supplies, and other resources available —within the county or by mutual aid agreement—for use during response and recovery operations;
  • provides hazard-specific information needed for effective response and recovery actions;
  • provides information and procedures to facilitate coordination with the State of Alabama and the federal government;
  • identifies steps to address mitigation concerns during response and recovery

Cleburne County Emergency Operations Plan 
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Basic Plan   ESF #7 Resource Support
Multi-Jurisdictional Distribution Point/Staging Site Plan    ESF # 8 Health and Medical Services
Recovery Plan   ESF #9 Search and Rescue
Emergency Operations Plan Amended Form   ESF #10 Hazardous Materials
Emergency Support Function (ESF) #1 Transportation    ESF #11 Food and Water
ESF #2 Communications   ESF #12 Energy
ESF #3 Public Works   ESF #13 Public Safety
ESF #4 Firefighting   ESF #14 Recovery and Mitigation
ESF #5 Emergency Management   ESF #15 External Affairs
ESF #6 Mass Care