The Cleburne County E911 and Sheriff's Office manage the Project Lifesaver Project.  Project Lifesaver is a program that helps to protect the wandering and brings peace of mind to families, caregivers, and communities. Clients with Alzheimer’s disease, Down Syndrome, Dementia, Autism, and related disorders will be eligible.

Clients who are part of the program will wear a battery-operated, personalized wristband that emits a personally unique tracking signal every second of the day. When notified, the Cleburne County E-911 will dispatch a search and rescue team that will respond to the area and start to search using a mobile tracking system.  This signal can be tracked down on the ground or in the air over several miles.

Project Lifesaver has a proven 100 percent success rate.  The average location time using this technology is 22 minutes.

Anyone interested in signing up for Project Lifesaver should contact Cleburne County E911 at 256.463.3820.