Customer Service for Solid Waste Disposal Service
Republic Services of Alabama
1.800.810.6601 (toll-free)

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Republic Services offers dumpster options for residents who require more space than the household garbage bins provided through the county service. Remodeling, moving, and similar projects may need temporary solutions for proper waste disposal. To learn more about the service, click here. 

According to the Code of Alabama Section 22-27-3, local governing bodies have the authority to set up services to collect and dispose of solid waste and to require participation in the service.

To set up a residential account, contact Republic Services at 256.237.7219 or 1.800.810.6601 (toll-free). If you have questions about the legal requirements for residents and businesses in Cleburne County, you can contact the County Compliance Officer for more information.

Citations may be issued to individuals and businesses who are not participating in the county solid waste disposal program. Costs may include (but are not limited to):
Junkyard citations      
  $500 per day until requirements are met, plus court costs
Littering citations
  $500 plus court costs for first offense
Garbage-related citations        $385 plus court costs